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Just fast & reliable internet from friendly people close by.

Welcome to JUCE :)

Service Availability

JUCE Internet is available in the following communities in Vancouver Island region: Greater Victoria, Saanich, Sidney/North Saanich, Central Saanich, Langford, Sooke, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Nanaimo, Duncan, Powell River, Parksville, Comox/Courtenay and more.

JUCE Internet is available in the following communities in the Lower Mainland: North Vancouver, East Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, White Rock, Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley, Whitsler, Chilliwack, Squamish and more.

Delightful Internet Services

JUCE is about delivering you better internet services worth smiling about :)

Built with care by a small team based out of Victoria, JUCE operates a small but robust fully redundant and multi-homed network. Our network is crafted with performance in mind to achieve low latency through carefully selected peering and routing. We over-provision capacity on our network so we do not need to throttle connections and our users can enjoy consistent network performance at any time of the day.


Data usage is unlimited on all JUCE internet packages. Watch online videos and stream TV shows without worrying about data caps or overage fees.


We are fundamentally against throttling. We believe we should deliver you a connection to our network and keep our hands off.

Committed to Privacy

We believe your data is your data. Respecting your privacy on the internet is at the core of who we are and what we are about.


Simple, friendly pricing. No contracts and no time-limited sales gimmicks.

We believe in earning your trust through superior network quality and honest, consistent pricing.

    • Internet 10

    • $39.95/month

      • Up to 10 Mbps Download
      • Up to 1 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 15

    • $44.95/month

      • Up to 15 Mbps Download
      • Up to 1.5 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 25

    • $56.95/month

      • Up to 25 Mbps Download
      • Up to 2.5 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 35

    • $59.95/month

      • Up to 35 Mbps Download
      • Up to 5 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 75

    • $69.95/month

      • Up to 75 Mbps Download
      • Up to 7.5 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 110

    • $79.95/month

      • Up to 110 Mbps Download
      • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 160

    • $89.95/month

      • Up to 160 Mbps Download
      • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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    • Internet 310

    • $99.95/month

      • Up to 310 Mbps Download
      • Up to 15 Mbps Upload
      • Unlimited Data
      • Unthrottled
      • No Contract
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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in simple, friendly pricing. No contracts required, and no time-limited sales gimmicks. What you see on our website is what you pay. Other one-time and incidental fees are listed below

  • New Service Activation: Waived*
  • Service Move: $79
  • Change of Service: $10, waived once per 12 months
  • Change of Modem: $10
  • Cable Outlet Move: $79
  • Modem Shipping: $10
  • Service Reconnection: $85, applicable to customers who want to reconnect a service that was disconnected/suspended due to having an overdue/unpaid balance.

* Waived for new customers who have not subscribed to JUCE internet service in the past 7 months. $79 for customers who do not qualify.

GST and PST applicable to all prices listed on our website. Listed prices do not include applicable GST and PST.

Getting JUCE is easy:

Step 1: Sign up online

Choose the plan and submit your order online. If you purchased the modem from us, we generally aim to ship the modem next business day so that you receive it within 2 business days.

Step 2: Service Activation/Intallation

After we receive the order, we will check if the cable line to your address is still connected. If it is, you can simply self-install the modem by connecting it to the cable outlet. Most new customers qualify for this and we will notify you by email if you do so you can connect the modem yourself and start using our service.

If after checking we discover the line to your address is not currently connected, we will use the scheduling information you provided on your order to book a technician installation appointment. Your service will be ready after the installation appointment.

Step 3: Test Juce and cancel your previous service

Woohoo! Now your Juce internet service is all setup, go ahead and test it to make sure it is working. After you have confirmed your new Juce service is working, don't forget to cancel your service with your old provider. You can wait until after your new Juce internet service is working before canceling your old service, for the extra peace of mind that there won't be any service interruption when switching providers.* Finally, welcome to Juce :)

* If you are switching to Juce from a provider that is neither Shaw nor Telus, we may need to match the disconnection date from your previous provider to minimize service interruption. You will need to help coordinate your disconnection date with your old provider to match activation date with Juce to minimize service interruption.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit cards, and Visa/Mastercard debit cards.

Customers can update and change the payment method information online through My Account or by contacting customer service. Monthly service fee is charged automatically to customer's active payment method associated with the Juce account.

For customers with good payment history, we also offer the option of monthly email invoicing and payment using bill payment through customer's bank. Eligibility is dependent on customer payment history, and approved credit. Not all customers qualify.

Customer accounts that have an overdue balance may be disconnected or suspended. Once an account is disconnected/suspended due to overdue balance, $85 reconnection fee will be applicable to reconnect service. We may review reconnection request and refuse to reconnect service due to negative payment history.

Our goal is to provide unlimited internet service to our customers so they won't need to worry about watching a usage meter or overage fees. Our unlimited service is intended for normal residential and small business users. It is provided under our fair usage policy to keep our network fast and robust at all times and ensure fair access to the network for all users.

More specifically, if, in our sole judgment, a customer's bandwidth usage is inconsistent with that of normal users and disproportionally contributing to network congestion, we may terminate service to such customer. We don't take these actions lightly, and will only terminate service to users in extreme cases.

We encourage customers to schedule non-urgent large file download to off-peak periods (outside of 6PM-2AM) if possible.

There are many WiFi standards in use today. Newer standards and technologies generally support higher throughput.

Below is a list of various 802.11 WiFi standards and their corresponding theoretical maximum speed.

  • 802.11b - 11 Mbps (2.4GHz)
  • 802.11a - 54 Mbps (5 GHz)
  • 802.11g - 54 Mbps (2.4GHz)
  • 802.11n - 150 Mbps (2.4GHz and 5 GHz)
  • 802.11ac - 1300+Mbps (5 GHz)

Actual WiFi speeds can differ significantly from above theoretical maximum speeds due to distance from Wifi router, interference, and effect of sharing bandwidth between users on the same WiFi network.

Below is a list of actual real-life average speed users can expect from wireless routers within a reasonable distance, with low interference and small number of simultaneous devices sharing the bandwidth:

  • 802.11b - ~3 Mbps download
  • 802.11g - ~20 Mbps download
  • 802.11n - ~40 Mbps typical, newer routers may achieve 70Mbps
  • 802.11ac - ~80 Mbps typical, +200 Mbps possible at short distances without major obstacles. Both the client and router need to support 802.11ac.
Myth #1: JUCE is a reseller.

Clarification: JUCE is not a "reseller"

JUCE rely on incumbent carrier's facilities only for connectivity between end-user's home and JUCE's point of interconnection with the carrier. However JUCE invests in transport facilities as well as networking, routing and caching equipment beyond these interconnection point locations. In other words, our users internet traffic only travel on incumbent carrier's facilities before it arrives at our interconnection point with the carrier. Afterwards, we are solely responsible for our user's traffic and routing to the global internet.

Myth #2: It does not matter which reseller you choose to go with. You will be using the same incumbent carrier's network anyways.

Clarification: The network you get is not that of incumbent carrier's, and depending on which provider you choose, service quality can be vastly different.

JUCE is committed to delivering premium quality network service to our users. JUCE operates a small but robust fully redundant and multi-homed network. Our network is crafted with performance in mind to achieve low latency through carefully selected routing and peering with premium top-level Tier 1 global networks. We over-provision capacity on our network so we do not need to throttle connections and our users can enjoy consistent network performance at any time of the day.

The quality of your provider's network determines the quality of your internet connection. If your provider under-provision capacity on the network to save costs while overselling it to large number of end-users, it will result in congestion issues during evening peak usage periods because network is crowded. If your provider cut costs on network peering, it will likely result in inferior routing performance and high latency. Only users of the service provider having those problems will be affected. Neither incumbent carrier's customers, nor customers of other service providers will be affected because they are on different networks.

We are committed to lowering costs and delivering cheaper service to our users. However, JUCE at its core is about delivering superior network performance and quality customer service. We will never compromise on quality to reduce price. This is who we are and what we stand for.

Non-WiFi modem (also known as bridge-mode modem, or just modem) gives you more control. With a bridge-mode modem, you can use any WiFi router of your choice and because of this, you can change practically any setting on the router. You are in full control here, just like driving a manual car. Bridge-mode modems in general are pretty stable and have less issues. However, the reliability of your WiFi will depend largely on the performance of your WiFi router. When paired with a great WiFi router, this is perhaps the best setup performance wise. However if paired with a not-so-great router, it can cause some headaches. But you can always just replace the router, which is easy.

If modems are so great, why do people choose the router-modem combos (also known as gateways)? Well, it's convenient! You do not need to configure or setup anything on the WiFi gateway because everything is already pre-configured. WiFi name and password is printed on the device itself. Just plug it in and you are all set. The WiFi strength on our WiFi gateway is also pretty decent. It may not be the best as there are certainly high performance WiFi routers on the market that can beat it, but it is not too bad either so you avoid the risk of getting an inferior WiFi router yourself. The downside is they typically lack extensive customization features like port forwarding, QoS etc. Troubleshooting options on combo units are often limited as well. If you start to experience a hardware issue with your combo unit, you will need to replace the entire thing rather than just replacing either the modem or router.

Cable modem learns the MAC address of the first device that is connected to it after the modem is powered on. If you connect a new router to the modem while the modem is already powered on and had a prevous device (e.g. router) connected to it, the cable modem will detect a change in MAC address and will not recognize the new router.

If you need to connect a new router to the modem, please power off modem first and connect the new router to the modem while the modem is powered off. Only power on the modem after the new router is connected to the modem. This will allow the modem to go through the MAC learning process again and recognize the new router.

Yes, we support the modems on the list below. If you own a modem on this list, we can activate it as long as it is not locked to another provider. In most cases, if you are not using the modem with another provider, it is not locked and is available for activation with another provider.

The following modems can support speed upto 20Mbps.

  • Motorola SB5100
  • Motorola SB5101
  • Motorola SB5102
  • Motorola SB5120
  • Cisco DPQ2160

The following modems can support speed upto 75Mbps.

  • Motorola SB6141
  • Huawei MT130U
  • Thomson DCM475
  • Technicolor TC4300
  • Hitron CGN
  • Hitron CDA-RES
  • SmartRG 804n (WiFi)

The following modems can support speed upto 310Mbps.

  • Technicolor TC4350
  • Technicolor DPC3848V (WiFi)
  • Hitron CDA3-20
  • Hitron CGNM-3550 (WiFi)
  • SmartRG 808AC (WiFi)

The following modems can support speed upto 750Mbps.

  • CBN CD8000
  • Technicolor TC4400
  • Motorola MB8600
  • Hitron CODA-45
  • Hitron CODA-4680 (WiFi)

Of course :) We prefer to earn your trust rather than locking you into a contract.

It is easy to cancel your JUCE service. Simply contact us (by phone or email) with your account details and let us know the date you want your service disconnected and that is it!

Updates on network status provided via @jucestatus Twitter account

Network Status

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