Compatible Modems

Only modems on this list can be used with our internet service
Buy a modem from us or bring your own modem
Model Built-in WiFi Maximum Speed
Motorola SB5101 No 30Mbps
Motorola SB5102 No 30Mbps
Cisco DPQ2160 No 30Mbps
Motorola/Arris SB6141 No 80Mbps
Thomson DCM475 No 80Mbps
Huawei MT130U No 80Mbps
Technicolor TC4300 No 80Mbps
Hitron CGN Yes 80Mbps
Hitron CDA-RES No 80Mbps
SmartRG 804n Yes 80Mbps
Technicolor TC4350 No 300Mbps
Technicolor DPC3848V Yes 300Mbps
Hitron CDA3-20 No 300Mbps
Hitron CDA3-35 No 300Mbps
Hitron CGNM-3550 Yes 300Mbps
SmartRG 808AC Yes 300Mbps
CBN CD8000 No 1000Mbps
Technicolor TC4400 No 1000Mbps
Technicolor TC4234 Yes 1000Mbps
Motorola MB8600 No 1000Mbps
Sercomm DM1000 No 1000Mbps
Hitron CODA-45 No 1000Mbps
Hitron CODA-4680 Yes 1000Mbps
We recommend using a non-WiFi modem plus a separate WiFi router for ultimate performance and flexibility.
Any WiFi router should work, however if you no idea what to get, the AC or AX series routers from TP-Link is a good choice for most people.